Troi is a working actor, stuntman, film maker, musician, studio and live sound engineer and sound designer. He also works in other trades, designing and installing AV and surround theater systems, designing and building his own portable solar systems, flight cases and more. You can check out Troi’s other business website at: www.TGEProductions.com

Beginning with his interest in music in his earliest years, Troi Ge (Troi Ge Borde), began singing and performing the clarinet in his elementary school performances. He also spent countless hours listening to records and then playing (DJing) them for his siblings birthday parties. Soon after, he proved himself as a daredevil, practicing, performing and entering competitions with an assortment of tricks and stunts on his BMX bicycle and then later on his skateboard. Though he had aspirations and the potential to become a professional skateboarder by the time of his graduating high school, he decided, instead, to continue his schooling at Rutger’s College, New Brunswick, New Jersey. In college, he re-encountered his love for music and found a new fascination for acting. When he left NJ in the fall of ’93, he headed west to pursue his dreams of music and movies in sunny southern California. While going through his tough times there finding himself, he found God late in 1998 and has been a performing musician in local churches ever since. Soon after, he began getting parts as a stunt performer and actor in TV, film and video projects in Hollywood, CA. He then continued making his own short and full length movies and does so to this day. His latest project called, “hMTU-1” was completed for the 168hr Film Project and was also entered into the Burbank International Film Festival. He most recently did stunts in a faith-based feature called Do You Believe. He also landed a part as an actor and stuntman, playing the role of Navy Lt. Gordon Roth in N.C.I.S. in 2013 and also landed the role of ISI agent Feroz, in a blockbuster Bollywood film called “Ek Tha Tiger”, released in August, 2012 . “Ek Tha Tiger” broke every record in its opening week for gross receipts worldwide.

Troi spent 7 years organizing a performing troupe he created, called “Spirit’s Fire Gatherings” – an outlet for Djs, fire and flow performers and performing musicians to get together to share their art with the public. These gatherings take place on the beach, in the desert, the forest and even city warehouse venues. Follow the link above to find out where they may be next!